Vitalii Lukyanets

Лукьянец, Виталий Григорьевич

Graphic artist, painter

Born Chernikhov, 12 May 1938

Died Moscow, 25 July 1994


Lukianets was born in a military family, but after his military service he decided for an artistic education. In 1965 he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic institute where he had studied under A. Goncharov. He started working as an illustrator but he also worked as an engraver and a painter. In the 1970s he studied and collected icons. He became a pious man and was baptized. In the same decade he created  also illustrations for a series of epical tales (Biliny) published by Goznak. In the 1980s Lukianets continued to work on Russian folk and fairy tales. During the 1990s he got seriously involved hunting UFOs. Unusual subjects attracted him passionately and he travelled all over the country to gather tales and draw images of mysterious devices. During a visit to the Moscow Silver Woods he suddenly died.