Rostislas Loukine

Лукин, Ростислав Владимирович

Painter, graphic artist

Born Belgorod (Kursk), 29 July 1904

Died Bar-sur-Aube (Belgium), 14 December 1988


Loukine was born in a family of the Petersburg nobility. After his parents seperated, Loukine went to live with his father in Kharkov. Due to the political instabilty of the Kharkov region, Loukine moved to Feodesia to his mother. His mother fled with her sons on a British minesweeper via Odessa to Constantinopel. At the age of 16, Loukine went to Prague where he got drawing lessons from Vera Rodé a former pupil of Petrov-Vodkin. Later he took a course at the studio of the painter Mako. In 1927 Loukine arrived by boat in Marseille. In Paris he was reunited with his mother. He became member of the 'Icon' society led by V. Riabushinskii and Prince Trubetskoi. The rumour that Russian emigrés could be drafted for the French army made Loukine decide to live in Belgium in 1938. During the war he was imprisoned by the Gestapo. After the war he got the Belgian nationality. In 1969 he got his own personal museum in Arsonval, where he was buried.




1937, 1939





c. 1950