El Lissitzky

(1890 - 1941)


Jan Tschichold

Typographishen Mitteilungen

Typographic statements

Dresden: Verlag der Kunst, 1977

310 x 230 mm. 26 pages

Edition: 1,500



Two years after the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition, Tschichold was invited as guest editor for the October 1925 issue of the printing trade journal Typographische Mitteilungen, for which he designed a twenty-four-page Sonderheft (special issue)devoted to 'Die neue Typographie' In addition to Tschichold's own typography, it presented work by the avant-garde designers Max Burchartz, Johannes Molzahn, Schwitters, Moholy-Nagy, Lissitzky, Bayer, and the Swiss poster designer Otto Baumberger. These images were accompanied by Tschichold's own articulate comments and observations. 

(reference: modernism101.com)