El Lissitzky

(1890 - 1941)



El Lissitzky

Suprematische Erzählung von zwei Quadraten in 6 Konstruktionen

Suprematistic narrative of two squares in 6 constructions

Berlin: Formfalt Kunstprodukte, 2002

225 x 225 x 60 mm. box

Edition: 100. Copy 12/100


Handcrafted construction kit, containing: 1 description, 1 template, 2 game boards, 2 paper cuttings and 44 wooden parts in red and black (original packaging in plastic bag). Copy complete with banderole. This production was the first of a series "Baukasten" made by Formfalt (i.e. Elisabet Triebel und Christoph Brandis) in Berlin