Iosif Levin

Левин Иосиф Михайлович

Painter, graphic artist

Born St. Petersburg, 7 November 1894

Died Mazan (Avignon), 1979


Levin studied from 1910 to 1913 at the Petersburg Academy of Art under I. Rerberg, I.Mashkov and and V. Navozov. In 1913 he sojourned to New York, and stayed with his brother, de poet Veniamin Levin who had lived there since 1905. After the 1917 revolution he returned to Petrograd and resumed his study with I. Rerberg. During his Petrograd years he became acquainted with Russian avant-garde artists such as malevich, Lissitzky, Larionov and others. In 1920 he moved to east Russia and had exhibitions in Saratov and Orenburg. In 1922 he illustrated some children's books that were published in Chita (Siberia) and spent some time in Peking and Tientsin (China). 1923 Levin returned to Moscow until 1926 when he moved to Paris. In 1935 he emigrated to New York where he developed his Surconscious art (Centrifuge). In 1970 he returned to France.