Nikolai Lansere

Лансере, Николай Евгеньевич

Architect, historian

Born St. Petersburg, 26 April 1879

Died, 6 May 1942


Nikolai Lansere was the youngest son of E. Lansere and brother of the artists Evgenii Lansere and Zinaida Serebriakova. He graduated from architectural Department of the higher school of fine arts at the Academy of fine arts in 1904. One of the organizers and Secretary of the Museum of old St. Petersburg. He was involved in examination and restoration of monuments. The first Restorer of Pushkin's apartment on the embankment. River Moika. Repressed in 1931, and again arrested in 1938, he died in transit during the Second World War. He was buried in Saratov on the prison cemetery. On November 5, 1957 he was posthumously rehabilitated.