Leonid Lamm

Ламм, Леонид Израилевич

Graphic artist

Born Moscow, 06 April 1928

Died New York, 2017


Leonid Lamm trained at the Moscow Council Building Institute in the Department of Architecture from 1944 to 1947. He studied under Iakov Chernikhov who became his mentor. Lamm was expelled from the Institute in 1947 for his association with a dissident group of mathematicians and writers known as the Poor Sybarites. He continued his education at the Moscow Institute of Printing starting in 1949. After graduating from the Institute in 1954, Lamm worked as an art director and an artist for the Saratov Publishing House. In 1955, he returned to Moscow and worked as an architect and illustrator. He joined the Union of Soviet Artists in 1964, and pursued a career in book illustration, associating with other artists (such as Ilya Kabakov). In 1973, after applying for permission to emigrate to Israel, Lamm was arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment. He spent two years in Moscow's notorious Butyrskaia Prison, and one year in a labor camp. In 1982, he was given permission to emigrate to the United States where he settled in New York.