Maria Lagorio

Лагорио, Мария Александровна

Painter, graphic artist

Born Warsaw, 8 September 1893

Died Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, 16 March 1979


Lagorio studied in Munich and Weimar 1910 and at the Academy in St. Petersburg under Bilibin and Lanceray. She was a member of the Mir Iskusstva since 1915. She made illustrations for the journal Stolitsa i Usadba (1913-1917). In 1918 she departed for Finland. In 1920 she married the artist Nikolai Istselenov and in 1923 they emigrated to Munich and in 1924 to Prague. Both artist illustrated books for the Trirema Verlag in Berlin, a publishing firm they founded and headed together. In September 1925, the artists and their son moved to Paris. In 1928 they both started  working as designers for the Iusupov porcelain factory in Paris. Lagorio died in the Russian old peoples home in Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois near Paris.