Nikolai Kuvshinoff

Кувшинов, Николай Васильевич

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor

Born Siberia, 1908

Died Seattlr, 17 March 1997


Kuvshinoff was the son of Archpriest Vasily Kuvshinov (1887-1953). In 1915 he emigrated with his parents to the United States where they settled in Seattle He began his artistic career during his school years, when he began to paint for advertising. He later became a cartoonist for Seattle Post Intelligence and opened his own art school in Port Townsend.In 1940 he married the artist Bertha Horn (Bertha Kuvshinoff-Horn; 1916-1999), who worked in the style of "fantasy" invented by her. In 1943-1946 he served in the American army in India, Burma and China, where he painted walls in officers' meetings. For military service he was awarded two bronze stars.


с. 1960