Ivan Kuleff

Кюлев, Иван Артемович


Born Rostov-na Donu, 1893

Died Montmorency (Paris), 9 December 1987


Kuleff studied in the 1910's at the Moscow Art School under V.A.Serov and K.A.Korovin. After his graduation he studied at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg. During war he was send to the Turkish front. In 1918 he went to Croatia and lived in a small village, making a living by painting portraits. After living for some time in Zagreb, he became designer for the the Skopje Theater in Macedonia. In 1926 he left for Paris where he joined with his brother. In the 40's he designed a series of paintings on Danta's Devine Comedy, the Book of Hiob and the Apocalypse. He died in the home of Russian old Aged in Montmorency near Paris.