Boris Kreitser

Крейцер, Борис Генрихович

Architect, painter, illustrator

Born Grosnyj, 4 May 1905

Died Leningrad, 1979


Kreitser studied 1921-1925 at the Leningrad Vkhutemas and graduated (but never worked) as an architect and a painter. In 1938 he was arrested for espionage as many of his family members lived abroad. He was sentenced to eight years of labourcamps in Siberia. After his release in 1946 he married and lived with his wife in Pskov until 1948 when he was arrested anew and sentenced to permanent exile in Norilsk. After Stalin's death in 1953, his wife asked for a rehabilitation which was granted in 1956. The couple moved to Leningrad where Boris worked as an illustrator.