Konstantin Korovin

Коровин, Константин Алексеевич

Painter, scenographer

Born Moscow, 5 December 1861

Died Paris, 11 September 1939


From 1875 - 1881 Korvin studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and architecture. Here he met with Valentin Serov and Isaak Levitan with whom he maintained a lifelong friendship. In 1882 he studied at the Peterburg Art Academy, but, disapointed, he returned to his Moscow School and continued his study now under Vasilii Polenov. In 1885 he joined Savva Mamontov's Ambramtsevo circle and worked as a stage designer / scenographer for Mamontov's opera house. From 1909 till 1913 he taught at the Moscow Scool of painting and in 1923 he move to Paris.