Komar- Melamid

Painters, conceptual artists

Vitaly Komar,

Комар, Виталий Анатольевич

born Moscow, 11 September 1943


Alexander Melamid

Меламид, Альберт (Александр) Данилович

Born Moscow, 14 July 1945




Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid graduated 1967 from the Moscow Stroganov School of Art and Design During the late 60ís and early 70ís, they founded the movement Sots Art which combines the principles of Dadaism and Socialist Realism. In 1973, they were expelled from the Youth section of the Soviet Artist Union. In 1974, they were arrested. In 1978 they moved to New York, where they live and work (www.komarandmelamid.org).