Nina Kogan

Коган, Нина Осиповна

Painter, graphic artist

Born Vitebsk, 25 March 1887

Died 1942


Nina Kogan studied at the St. Petersburg school for promotion of the arts from 1911-1913. During the revolution she was involved, together with Vera Ermolaeva, in establishing a museum of modern art in Petrograd. In 1919 she moved to Vitebsk and taught at the School of Art where she met Kazimir Malevich and became an ardent adept of Suprematism. Together with Malevich and Ermolaeva, she was leading in the Unovis (Affirmers of New Art) group. From 1922-1923 she worked as consultant of Museum of Art Culture in Moscow. In 1930s she designed and illustrated children books.