Valentine Klimov's

Климова, Валентина Ивановна

Painter, graphic artist

Born Stavropol, 25 February 1912

Died Liège, 1983


Valentina Lomagina was the daughter of Colonel I.V. Lomagin and Princess K.N. Volkhonskaya. The family lived in Persia, Turkey and Greece, where the father's regiment was evacuated. The family arrived 1922 in Belgium. Valentine graduated from the decorative arts department of the Maria Theresa art school in Liege, then from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege, where, under the guidance of the teacher J. Ochs, she painted the first pictorial portraits, still lives and landscapes. She married the sculptor Mikhail Klimov (1905-2004) and signed her portraits as Valentine Klimov's