Boris Kisin

Кисин, Борис Моисеевич

Writer, poet, graphic artist

Born Riazan, 15 July 1899

Died Moscow after 1982


Kisin was in a family of Vitebsk dwellers. One of the brightest and most versatile of the Ryazan creative youth. In 1918, he was hired in the provincial Commissariat of education-head of warehouse window paintings. In 1920 and 1921 he studied at the  Red Army studio and also attended N. Troshin's laboratory of painting. In 1922, he entered the graphic faculty of the Moscow Art Institute where he studied under Favorskii. For many years he worked as a technical editor, illustrated books, wrote poems, published a tutorial on printing. Probably the last book by Kisin was Philately published in 1969.