Mikhail Kichigin

Кичигин, Михаил Александрович

Painter, graphic artist

Born Palnikovo (Ekaterinburg), 27 May 1883

Died Yaroslavl, 15 November 1968


Kichigin studied 1901-1908 at the Moscow Stroganov Institute and 1908 to 1915 at the Moscow Art School under Arkhipov and Korovin. In 1920 he moved to Harbin and in 1928 to Shanghai. In 1947 he returned to the Soviet-Union and settled 1948 in Yaroslavl. His wife Vera Kuznetsova-Kichigina (Кузнецова-Кичигина, Вера Емельяновна) was born 10 August 1904 in Harbin. She studied at the harbin Theatre school. In 1921 she met Mikhail Kichigin and went with him in 1928 to Shaghai. After their return in 1947 she worked as a portraitist and scenographer in Yaroslavl where she died 6 July 2005.