Evgenii Kibrik

Кибрик, Евгений Адольфович

Graphic artist

Born Vosnesensk (Kherson), 21 February 1906

Died Moscow, 16 July 1978


Evgenii (Hertz) Kibrik was born into a wealthy Jewish family. His father was a prominent ship owner and grain dealer. In 1922 Evgenii Kibrik moved to Odessa and enrolled in the Art Institute. In 1925 he came to Leningrad were he became acquainted with Pavel Filonov and joined his 'Masters of Analytical Art'. He started illustrating in 1930. During the Second World War He led a graphic workshop of the leningrad Academy of Art that was evacuated to Samarkand.  In 1943 he went to Moscow and was engaged in teaching. In 1949 he was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Arts and became in 1954 a professor of the graphical arts for 25 years (until 1978). IHe worked and lived in Moscow.