Vera Khlebnikova

Хлебникова, Вера Владимировна

Painter, graphic artist

Born Maloderbetovskii Ulus (Astrakhan), 20 March 1891

Died Moscow, 19 January 1941


Vera, sister of the poet Velimir Khlebnikov, was born into a family of scientists and artists. After initial art studies in Kazan (1905), Kiev (1908), Moscow (studio of K.F. Yuon, 1909) and St. Petersburg (1910), she studied 1912 in Paris under Kees van Dongen. From 1913-1916 she lived in Italy. In 1916 she returned to Astrakhan. After her brother's tragic death in 1922, she started illustrating his works. In 1924 she married the artist Petr Miturich and moved to Moscow.