Lazar Khidekel

Хидекель, Лазарь Маркович

Architect, painter

Born Vitebsk, 29 February 1904

Died Leningrad, 22 November 1986


Born into a bricklayer's family, Khidekel studied until the fall of 1918 at a secondary labour school in Vitebsk. At the end of the year, he was admitted to Vitebsk Art School, where he studied under M. Dobujinsky, Marc Chagal, El Lisitsky and K. Malevich. Lissitzky taught him architecture, projection drawing, and printing.which played a special role in the formation of Hidekel as an artist. Under Malevich's leadership, he began to master the system of Suprematism. In 1920 he became a member of the Unovis Creative Committee, took an active part in exhibitions and in artistic polemics - conferences and printed collections. In 1922 he moved to Petrograd with a group of Malevich's associates and entered the architectural department of the city. He continued to work with Malevich in Ginkhuk and was his main assistant in the creation of planites and architectons, which marked the stage of volumetric Suprematism. Khidekel played a key role in translating the Suprematist system into real architectural design. From 1931 he headed the architectural design workshop of the Leningrad university, in 1944-1949 he was the dean of the architectural faculty.From 1931 he headed the architectural design workshop, in 1944-1949 he was the dean of the architectural faculty, later headed the workshop, from 1967 - professoИсточник: Энциклопедия русского авангарда
сточник: Энциклопедия русского авангарда

Источник: Энциклопедия русского авангарда