B.U. Kashkin

Б.У. Кашкин

Performance artist

Born Irkutsk, 16 September 1938

Died Ekaterinburg, 13 March 2005


B.U. Kashkin (a.k.a. K.Kashin) was born as Evgenii Malakhin. He graduated 1960 from the Izhevak Polytechnic Institute in Udmurtia. Soon after he moved to Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) to work as a service engineer. In the 1970s he started his creative activities in experimenting with photograph material and painting in Pollock's dripping style combining it with Russian Icon painting. He also started working as an author. In the 1980s he published his own artist's book and held performances (happenings) at the mayor square in Sverdlovsk, giving his publications to one one who would have them.