Vasilii Kamenskii

Каменский, Василий Васильевич

Poet, futurist, aviator

Born Perm, 29 April 1884

Died Troitsa (Perm), 11 November 1961


Kamenski had no formal artistic education. In 1906 he moved to Moscow and started working as an editor meeting important futurist writers as David Burliuk and Velimir Khlebnikov. In 1910 he published his first novel 'The mud hut' with illustrations by Boris Grigoriev. The peak of his career was reached in the 1920s with his concrete and steel poems and his play Stenka Razin. In April 1948 he suffered a stroke and remained paralyzed until his death in 1961.


1911, 1917



1924, 1929