Natalia Jaschwill

Яшвиль, Наталия Григорьевна

Icon painter, painter, editor

Born St. Petersburg, 28 December 1861

Died Prague, 12 June 1939


Princess Jaschwill was the daughter of the Scottish born Georg Philipson, who became a high ranking naval officer. Her mother was of nobel descent from the Morskii-Kirsanovii family. In 1891 she married prince Nikolai Iashvil and settled with her husband at their estate Kniaginino near Kiev. After her husband died (in 1894), she studied with Pavel Chistiakov together with M.V. Nesterov. She befriended Nesterov and his family who used to spent their summerhollidays at Jaschwill's estate. During the first world war she represented the Russian Semstvo abroad. The revolution caught her in Austria-Hungary and since 1918 she lived in Prague.