Nicolas Iszelenoff

Исцеленов, Николай Иванович

Architect, painter, graphic artist

Born Irkutsk, 13 June 1891

Died Paris, 24 February 1981


Iszelenof studied 1909-1917 at the departement of Architecture of the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg. In 1918 he moved to Finland. He participated in 1919-1921 in exhibitions of the Collective for the Synthesis of Art and Architecture. In 1920 he married the artist Maria Lagorio and in 1923 they emigrated to Munich and in 1924 to Prague. Both artists illustrated books for the Trirema Verlag in Berlin. Both artist had exhibitions in Helsinki, Berlin and Munich. In September 1925, the artists and their son moved to Paris. Iszelenof started working as a church architect. In 1928 he started working as a designer for the Iusupov porcelain factory in Paris.

In 1922 Nikolai Istselenov and his wife Maria Lagorio started the publishing house Trirema.