Iskusstvo kommuny

Искусство коммуны

Art of the commune

Moscow: Narkompros, 1918-1919

In 1918, Nikolai Punin launched a new weekly newspaper, which mainly expressed the views of left-wing artists, Iskusstvo kommuny (Art of the Commune, 1918-19). Financed by the Visual Arts Section of Narkompros, this journal aimed at reducing the gap between the Futurists and the average Soviet citizen, but soon, it functioned more as a haven for the avant-garde rather than as a service to the revolution.  The newspaper published nineteen issues during the short period of 7 December 1918 to 13 April 1919. Despite its short life, Art of the Commune became a valuable document in the history of Russian Futurism. In the LS Collection only issue no. 4, 1918.



Murray: Art of the Commune. paper presented at the conference Avant-Garde of the Life-Building, Moscow, 28-30 October 2019