Aleksandr Grinev

Гринев, Александр Николаевич

Painter, graphic artist

Born St. Petersburg, 14 December 1892

Died Uzbekistan, 2 February 1947


Grinev studied at I Maskov's studio in Moscow (1912-1914), then at the Tallinn artistic- industrial school. In 1920-1923 he lived in Berlin, before returning to Tallinn where he lived from 1923 to 1941 and worked as an illustrator and painter. He was expatriated to Uzbekistan where he painted portraits, landscapes, still life, and genre compositions mostly executes in water colour, coal, pastel, or tempera. From 1916  on he participated in exhibitions such as the exhibition of artistic- industrial school in Tallinn. A personal exhibition was held in Tartu in 1928. A retrospective exhibition was held in Tallinn in 1980.