Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [






Dzhon Lesin

Урок человеколюия...

Lesson in charity

Moscow: Goppe, 2012

225 x 312 mm. pages nn.

Edition: 10. Copy nr. 1/10 with autograph by Lesin.




Added are Goppe's original designs and lino plates he made for the book








The full title of this book with verses by John (Evgenii) Lesin is ‘Lesson in Charity in the Columbian Police Academy (a song of Love in the style of Chen Tai)’. For this book with socio-political verses, Goppe designed six full page colour lithographs on top of which he printed a linocut in black-and-white (figure right). The text is printed on the left and the images on the right pages. Added to this copy is the first model of the book almost in a square format with a set of completely different illustrations (figure above). Some imagery elements such as advertisements are incorporated in the final designs, other elements such as photo collages were not included at all. It shows how much work and thought Goppe puts into his designs.


2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 104