Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [


Evgenii Bunimovich



Moscow: Goppe, 2016

220 x 168 mm. 16 pages

Edition: 12. Copy nr. 12/12



Evgenii Bunimovich (born 1954) poet, teacher, writer, and politician, began his career as a teacher of mathematics in 1976. He started writing poetry in the 1970s.. In 1981 he founded the Moscow club of independent Poets, which was shut down by the Communist Party. In 1999 he organized the international Festival of Poets in Moscow. In his poetry Bunimovich observes his everyday surroundings in a mathematical fashion in order to reflect on himself and on Russia. For this collection of verses, Goppe designed 7 colour lithographs of which some are provided with mounted vintage photographs. Copy signed by Bunimovich



2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 150