Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [



Slava Len


The X-process

Moscow: Goppe, 2011

316215 mm.  pages  nn.

Edition: 10. Copy nr. 1/10.






Slava Lėn (born 1937 as Vladislav Bogatishev-Epishin) is a Russian poet, an artist and a scholar in geography, philosophy, and mathematics. He has three honorary doctorates for his work in the almanac Neue Russische Literatur (New Russian Literature), which he started in 1978 in Salzburg (Austria). In 1989 he left Russia for the United States to work as a professor of literature. In 2001 he returned to Russia. The name Lėn (Lohn in German) he took from his mother. The book ’X-Process, a poem’, is illustrated and designed by Goppe in a constructivist style. The handset typography is placed in an angle on the page, and the colour lithographs, in the constructivists’ colours black and red, show elements such as squares, (half)circles and rectangles in various compositions that are inspired by constructivism.


2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 87