Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [




Lev Rubinshtein

Всё дальше и дальше...

Always on and on...

Moscow: Goppe, 2010

315 x 390 mm. 9 leaves

Edition: unknown. Copy E.A. (I) signed by Lev Rubinshtein




Original design

310 x 200 mm.

Unique copy









original lino plates in folder

Unique copy







This poem has to be read from cards, a characteristic feature in the work of Lev Rubinshtein (born 1947). On the first card it reads:

It all begins.

Getting around – here.

But let’s go on…

In all there are 52 cards that have to be read out aloud on stage. Goppe designed a book in which on its pages each time are printed a small number of those texts. His illustrations are linocuts of which the originals cutting plates are added to the book. The black linocuts show square figures and motives in a heavy almost angular style within a triangular confinement.



2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 86