Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [


Viktor Goppe

Skazka pro chlen dereviannyi

[The tale of the wooden penis]

Moscow: Goppe, 2002

150 x 150 mm. 16 pages 

Edition: 10. Copy nr. 2




Booklet in oversized folder 300 x 180 mm. Goppe started his own publishing firm in 1989, producing limited edition books as well as artists’ books. The tale of the wooden member contains illustrations in a typical narrative style, executed in bold lines. Whether illustrating poetry or depicting erotic imagery, as done here, Goppe’s gravures are always similar in manner and execution. The cover, with paper collages is also quite typical. Goppe became known outside Kineshma after 1997, when his books were shown at Luc Monod's Galerie Graphes in Paris. Gradually Goppe’s book became items of collections, both private and public, and took part in exhibitions of Russian book art. He mainly acts as an illustrator within the defined boundaries of the book separating the illustrations from the text, thus adding to the classical appearance of his books.



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