Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [


Vladimir Klimov



Moscow: Goppe, 2001

225 x 152 mm. pages nn.

Edition: 20. Copy nr. 5/20.






Goppe befriended the poet and essayist Vladimir Klimov (1951-2010) in the late 1990s and published not only his poetry but also two albums of his drawings. Klimov was born in Moscow where his father, Mendel N. Khaiet, worked as a sculptor. His parents decided to name him after his mother, Nina Klimova, an art historian, as father’s name sounded too Jewish and being of Jewish descent was not very advantageous in the Soviet Union at the time. During his youth, Klimov became acquainted with the theatre and with the works of Berthold Brecht, to whose works Klimov engaged himself and he even had a Brecht museum opened. In his poetical work, Klimov invented his own ideas about the construction of society. His poems are a product of his poetical, artistic and mystical activity. “A new idea makes the poet, even if it doesn’t rhyme”, is one of his favourite sayings. Copy with autograph by Klimov.


2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 36