Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [


Nikolai Oleinnikov


The carp

Kineshma: Goppe, 1999

204 x 150 mm. 6 pages 

Edition: 20. Copy nr. 2/20.






Nikolai Oleinikov (1898-1937), poet and playwright, was engaged by Samuil Marshak, as was his friend Daniil Kharms, to write for the children’s publishing house Detgiz in Leningrad. It was their only way to gain a living and to have their work printed. In 1937 Oleinikov was executed by the secret police as his writings did not comply with the ruling Soviet doctrine. His satirical poem ‘The Carp’ tells the story of a golden carp that freely swam in the Neva river before being caught and landing on a plate to be eaten. For this edition of ‘The Carp’ Goppe designed the cover and 6 colour illustrations.


Goppe 2000, nr. 65.

2016, Eindhoven VAM, nr. 23