Viktor Goppe

(1962 - )               [


Genrikh Sapgir

МКХ мушиный след

MKKh, the track of the fly

Kineshma: Goppe, 1997

290 x 185 mm. 8 pages 

Edition: 20. Copy nr. 20/20.





Genrikh Sapgir (1928-1999) was one of the famous Lianozovo group of poets and artists named after the Moscow Suburb Lianozovo where they had settled and started making their now well-known unofficial art. The three letters M K Kh are best known as the acronym of the Moscow Bread Factory but are also slang for the Moscow Shit Factory. This poem is published here for the first time. Its contents must be considered part of the genre of vacuum poetry: poetry about the void, life and death and the trail of flies. The seven chapters of these poems are illustrated with two colour linocuts pasted on a collage of pieces of brown paper.


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