Robert Genin

Генин, Роберт Львович 

painter, graphic artist

Born Visokoe (Smolensk), 11 August 1884

Died Moscow, 1941


Genin was born into a poor farmer's family. He spend his youth in his grandfather's house in Krasoviche after he had burnt the house in Vysokoe by accident at the age of three. Until the age of 14 went to school in a nearby town. He had started drawing when he was eight, and supported by his enthusiast teachers and financially backed by his grandfather he first went to the art school in Vilnius for two years 1898-1900 and then for a similar period to the art school in Odessa 1900-1902. During these years Genin earned his living as a corrector of photographic portraits. In December 1902 he entered the art school of Anton Azbe and in 1903 he went to Paris, where he lived in a commune of 2 rooms with 5 other artists. In 1919 moved to Ascona where he lived until 1930. During this period there were longer stays in Berlin and trips to Sicily and Bali. From 1930 to 1937 he lived in Paris. In 1937 Genin returned to Russia. Six years later, in 1941, he committed suicide in his studio in Moscow.