Aleksandr Florenskii

(1960 - )



Aleksandr Florenskii

Russkii albom

Russian album

St. Petersburg: Mitkilibris, 1997

165 x 130 mm. 64 pages 

Edition: 500. 


The Mitki Code condemns the Westernism that dominated in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s and it’s artists did not simply paint with oils and brushes, the way the previous generations did. Alexander Florenskii, like other members of the Mitki Group, began his career as a painter and draughtsman, as well as book illustrator. This book  presents 29 drawings of famous master pieces in Russian museums, that Florenskii distorted to show his contempt for fame, position or art-historically declared genius, adherent of the Western style of ‘appropriation’. The captions intentionally omit the name of the author, as being unimportant, but give only the title of the work. 



St. Petersburg 1999, p. 118