Vera Ermolaeva

Ермолаева, Вера Михайловна

Graphic artist, stage designer, painter

Born Petrovsk (Saratov), 2 November 1893

Died Karaganda, 26 September 1937


Ermolaeva studied 1910-14 under Bernstein and Sherwood in St. Petersburg. In 1910 she joined the Union of the Youth and exhibited there with Larionov, Gontcharova, Malevich, Filonov and others. In 1918 she founded the artel Segodia (Today), a group of artist and writers that intended to publish good and payable books especially for children with a revolutionary bookdesign. Members of the artel Today were Lapshin, Annenkov, Altman Liubavina and others. The first publication was the booklet Zaitsev (Rabbit) by Ermolaeva. The edition of each book was about 150 copies. In the atumn of 1919 The Ministery of Art ordered Ermolaeva to Vitebsk and the artel came to her end. In Vitebsk she became a member of Unovis with Malevich. In 1922-23 she had exhibition in Berlin with her work on theatrical design. In 1934 she was arrested and banished to Kazakhstan where she was shot.