Boris Ender

Эндер, Борис Владимирович

Graphic artist

Born St. Petersburg, 23 January 1893

Died Moscow, 12 July 1960


Boris Ender was born into an artist's family. Together with his sisters Mariia and Kseniia, and his brother Georgii, he studied under Matiushin in St. Petersburg. From 1905 to 1907 he studied under I. Bilibin, and from 1918 to 1922 at the SVOMAS in Petrograd under K. Petrov-Vodkin and K. Malevich. In 1923 he became a member of the group ZORVED. From 1923 to 1927 he thought at the GINKhUK and LGIII under supervision of Matiushin. In 1927 he moved to Moscow.