Aleksandr Drevin

Древин, Александр Давидович


Born Wenden (Latvia), 15 July 1889

Executed Butovo (Moscow), 26 February 1938


Drevin (born Aleksandrs Rudolfs Drevinš) studied at the Riga Art School under Purvitis. He was one of the founders of the Latvian association of young avant-garde artists 'Green Flower'. In 1914 he left for Moscow where he joined the 'Jack of Diamonds' group. At the instigation of Malevich and Tatlin he started teaching at the Moscow Vkhutein. In 1920 he married the artist Nadezhda Udaltsova (1886 - 1961) and had a son, the sculptor Andrei Drevin (1921-1996). In the mid 1920s, he  stopped teaching in favor of painting and became a member of the group '13'. He was arrested on January 17, 1938 and shot in February 26, 1938.