Andrei Diderikhs

Дидерихс, Андрей Романович

Painter, graphic artist,

Born St. Petersburg, 1884

Died Tashkent, 11 May 1942


Andrei Diderikhs (Diederichs) studied from 1905 to 1908 at Munich Academy of art and 1909 at the Azbe studio also in Munich. After he studied at Van Dongen's studio in Paris. In 1913 he married the artist Valentina Mikhailovna Khodasevich. Both artists belonged to the left wing of the Russian avant-garde. Diderikhs designed street ornaments for the 1919 festivities in Petrograd. In 1926, he was arrested for the first time when supporting the writer Isaak Babel. In 1928 he was arrested for a second time. After his release he worked for the Radlov Theatre and the Leningrad theatre for young spectators from 1930 to 1941.