Lyudmila Chirikova

Чирикова-Шнитникова, Людмила Евгеньевна 

Graphic artist

Born Minsk, 22 November 1895

Died Gulfport (Florida), 23 September 1995


Chirikova was the daughter of the writer Evgenii Nikolaevich Chirikov (1864-1932). Between 1906 and 1917 she lived in St. Ptersburg where she studied under Lansere, Braz and Dobujinsky. In 1918 and 1919 she lived at the family cottage in the Crimrean where she took lessons with Ivan Bilibin, their neighbour. In 1920 she emigrated together her sister and Bilibin to Egypt. In 1922 she moved to Berlin and later that year to Paris where she married the economist Boris Shnitnikov. In 1925 they moved to New York.