Aleksei Chicherin

Чичерин, Алексей Николаевич

Poet, art theorist, book designer

Born Moscow, 20 February 1889

Died Moscow, 20 October 1960


Chizhikov, born in 1889 (to other sources in 1884 or 1894), studied 1915-1918 at the historical and philological departments of the Moscow University but he did not complete his studies. Together with Igor Selvinskii he stood at the origins of Soviet literary constructivism. He started working as a technical and artist editor of the State Publishing House in 1923 and became in 1926 editor of the magazine Iskusstvo (Art). In 1925 he founded de literary group Kan-Fun (Constructivism and Functionalism) and became in 1926 member of the board of the All-Russian Union of Writers in charge of the academic sector. To the public of the 1920s he was best known as reader/performer of Mayakovsky's poetry.