Boris Chaliapin

Шаляпин, Борис Федорович

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor

Born Moscow, 22 September 1904

Died New York, 18 May 1979


Boris Chaliapin was the eldest son of the singer Fedor Chaliapin and his second wife. He studied 1919 under Shukhaev in Leningrad, and 1920-1923 at the SVOMAS in Moscow under Kardovskii en Arkhipov. 1923-1925 he studied sculpture at the VkhUTEMAS under Konenkov also in Moscow. In 1925 he emigrated to Paris. He continued education at the 'atelier Montmartre' and under Colarossi, Gerain, Korovin and Stepanov. In 1927 he had his first exhibition in Covent Garden, London. He was active as a portrait painter (Farrère, Grigoriev, Chaliapin, Rachmaninov). In the 30's he designed for the theater. In 1935 he emigrated to New York were he published as an ardent oponent of 'abstractionism'