Marc Chagall

(1887 - 1985




The gang

Warsaw: Chaliastra, 1922

292 x 224 mm. 72 pages. 

Edition: unknown.







An anthologie of Jiddish expressionistic-futuristic poetry and literature. The first number was published in Warsaw under P.Markish and I. Singer. The second (and last) in Paris under P. Markish and Varshavskii in 1924. The first almanac of Khalyastre includes poems by Uri Tzi Grinberg, Peretz Markish, Melech Ravitch, Avraham Leyeles and others. It also contains an article by Yosef Tchaikov - "Sculpture". The cover and publisher's symbol were made by Wolf Weintraub, and the illustration for M. Broderzon's poem - by Yitzchak Broyner. The almanac also includes drawings by Marc Chagall, for David Hofstein's poem cycle "Troyer"



Munich 1993, no. 67.

Paris 2009, no.211




Khaliastra / La bande

The gang

Paris: Lachenal & Ritter, 1989

240 x 170 mm. 308 pages

Edition: 2,000.






Reprint of both issues in French translation.