B / W

Ч / Б

Moscow Alcools/Dirizhabl 2004-2015

In 2003 the idea of B/W (Black / White), Ch/B (Chernyi / Belyi) was initiated by artists Andrei Suzdalev (Alcool) and Evgenii Strelkov (Dirtizhabl). B/W is as an open art program at the intersection of graphics, artist's books and periodical. Each issue is dedicated to a single graphic project and executed by one artist. The volumes are printed by hand in a limited edition. Although unavoidable for serial publication, unification (general layout, size, paper, printing, circulation) requires a certain degree of hand-made intervention. The periodical focuses on the actual graphical elements and emphasizes the variety and expressiveness of the graphic language. In the view of the initiators the inclusion of art visual technologies: computer graphics, 3D graphics still is relevant. Inheriting the richest tradition of printing (engraving, woodcut, lithography) graphics easily adapts the newest technologies of creation and image processing. The graphics have mobility and plasticity in response to new developments. Schedule cuts across all communications from advertising ranging up to the Internet, including not only illustration from comics to collage, but also fonts, diagrams, drawings, maps, tables, and images created by special programs and devices (chart oscilograms, frames and paths). In this context, the periodical B/W becomes an experimental platform where various creative strategies are tangled in unexpected combinations, parallel to each other through a series of different editions, forming a a unique graphical project.






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