Nikolai Burmagin

Бурмагин, Николай Васильевич

Graphic artist

Born Zhuregino (Vologda), 20 January 1932

Died Vologda, 8 November 1974


Genrietta Burmagina

Бурмагина, Генриетта Николаевна

Graphic artist

Born Kharovsk (Vologda), 7 December 1939

Died Vologda, 1 August 1984


Burmagin graduated in 1964 from the Yaroslavl Art School. Since 1965 he lived and worked in Vologda. He mainly worked as an woodengraver illustrating Russian folk tales and Russian literature. Together with his wife Genrietta Burmagina, he designed many bvook plates and series of woodcuts. Burmagin tragically died in 1974 and was buried in the town cemetery Vologda.