David Burliuk

(1882 - 1967)


Velimir Khlebnikov a.o.

Требник троих

Prayerbook for the three

Moscow: Kuzmin & Dolinskii, 1913

210 x 172 mm. 86 pages 

Edition: 1,100






This book contains poetry by Khlebnikov, Maiakovskii, and Burliuk (David and Nikolai). David Burliuk and Maiakovskii, Nadezhda Burliuk, David’s sister, and Vladimir Tatlin contributed illustrations. So it is not clear which three persons the title of this prayer book is referring to. The contents of this anthology is first-rate poetry of a consistently high quality. For this book Maiakovskii wrote these famous verses about shop signs:

Read the books made of iron

Under fat bold capitals 

Smoked fish is laid

And pretzels are heaped in gold

And with a child-like delight

‘Maggi’ stars turn your head.

Tatlin depicted this scene with a fish, a fork and a knife displayed on a small table, while the Maggi cube is positioned on the right foreground. The verses praise the primitive art of signboards and the first Neon light advertisements that could be seen on the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg: the Maggi bouillon  cubes for your soup. These signs could be read by the observer with real delight. In this book, all the elements of the Russian Avant-garde flow together: poetry, visual art and folk art moulded into an organic whole, into a prayer book.



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