David Burliuk

(1882 - 1967)


David Burliuk

Галдящие ‘Бенуа’

The noisy Benois

St. Petersburg: Schmidt, 1913

240 x 168 mm. 22 pages 

Edition: 1,100





The pamphlet was published by Burliuk as a response to both Alexandre Benois and Ilia Repin, who stated that not how a painting was made but what it depicted, was the most important. The complete title of this pamphlet describes Burliuk position: Noisy ‘Benoises’ and the new Russian national art. A conversation between Mr. Burliuk, Mr Benois and Mr. Repin on art. Ilia Repin, of course, was the most famous Russian painter of his time and, according to Burliuk, hampering young artists to get exposure for their works. Benois, art historian and art critic was, again according to Burliuk, was on the one hand flirting with the new art but on the other hand calling them individualistic hooligans



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