Eduard Budogoskii

Будогоский, Эдуард Анатольевич

Graphic artist, xylographer

Born Zlatoust, 22 July 1903

Died Moscow, 19 July 1976


Budogovskii, son of an army officer studied at the Suvorov Cadet Corps, preparing for a military career. After the revolution he studied (1920-21) at the Leningrad Vkhutein. From 1922 to 1926 he studied at the graphic faculty of the Leningrad Academy of Arts under M/ Dobuzhinskii, V. Zamirailo and D. Mitrokhin and xylography under P. Shilingovskii. From 1926 to 1937 he worked at the Leningrad Detgiz and befriended Vladimir Lebedev. During the blockade he remained in leningrad but lost all his works. In the 1950 he moved to Moscow where he worked as an illustrator.