Lev Bruni

Бруни, Лев Александрович

Painter, graphic artist

Born Malaia Vishera (Novgorod), 20 July 1894

Died Moscow, 26 February 1948


Bruni studied at the Tenisheva-school 1904-09 and 1909-1912 at  the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg. In 1912 he studied at the Academy Julian under Jean-Paul Laurens in Paris. He took part in exhibitions from 1915 onward. In 1917 he designed murals for the 'cafe Pittoresque' in Moscow. In 1919 he worked in Omsk as Agitprop artist in the army. Taught 1920-1921 at the Stieglitz Academy in Petrograd; 1923-1930 Vchutemas/ Vchutein in Moscow; 1930-1933 Moscow-Textile Institute; 1931-1938 MITI. 1935-1948 head department of Monumental Arts at the Academie of Architecture.


1922 - 23